Winter Makeup Tips for Fashion Conscious


Winter makes skin dry and lifeless. Good winter makeup tips can make one look glowing and fresh in spite of dry weather conditions.

The season of winter brings with it chilly and dry winds that take a toll on our skin’s moisture level. Our skin tends to wither and wrinkle due to dehydration in winter. The cool crisp air and low temperature work to have a combined harsh effect on the skin. Though, the difference between the autumn and winter makeup is not too much in terms of hues and styles, but winter calls of extra skin care. Thus, with the retreat of the fall, changing your make up is also a natural transformation. Therefore, while make up itself is not healthy for our skin, make up in winter season has to be donned with extra care and precaution to avoid ending up damaging the skin for the rest of your life.

Each ingredient of the winter makeup should have moisture content in it, to keep the skin from going dry and parched. Split up two sets of make up for the seasons of summer and winter. Do not use the light summer foundation in the winter, as they may dry up the skin, ruining your entire look. Try oil based moisturizing creams or protective foundations to keep your skin hydrated and ward off the loss of moisture. First, cleanse your face with a cleanser that is completely devoid of soapy content. Next, apply the oil based cream or foundation. This will draw out a substantial look.

Try a dramatic eye color to stand out in the crowd. You can try the matte eye shadows, common in spring times or dark winter colors like deep gray, brown, etc. Avoid summery shades and pastel to look overly vibrant. The use of a blush can etch out the real glamour and draw the final stroke of perfection on the skin surface. Be very choosy about the color of the blush as it strongly dominates the output. Try a classic girly pink or a subtle peach blush to create a classy statement.

If, you are going out in the day, you should not override the use of sunscreen with the moisturizer. Sunscreen is essential in all seasons to protect your skin from the damaging effects of UV rays. In that case, apply the sunscreen of moderate SPF after cleansing the face. Allow it to settle in your skin for at least 15 minutes before going out. Use a sunscreen that has a balanced content of moisturizer for a fresh supple skin.

Ensure that the mascara that you use to highlight the eyelashes is thick and prominent. Choose a dark color for your lips too. Winter is a season where bright, vibrant colors are a strictly no-no. Try heavier colors to make the pale winter skin look lively and substantial. Do not use a dry lipstick, but closely stick to sticks that have moisture bars in them to keep them from cracking.

Pair up the dark galore of shades on your face with long dark colored outfits. Best season for people preferring dark shades, winter is the time when anybody can wear dark hues redundantly, without caring for people to stare oddly.


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