The ideas about great Bathroom Designs / Small bathroom tips / Cleaning tips


The bathroom is a common feature in all homes. Though it is not the main room, it is the place visited by all the house members. Bathroom is a place that provides an individual with peace and quite relaxing time. Shower, toilet, sink and bath tub are the mandatory parts of a full bathroom. However, keeping a bathroom restricted to the bare minimum necessities reflects the poor taste of the dweller. With the help of bathroom design ideas, a mundane bathroom can be changed to the place of luxury and lifestyle statement. The bathroom designs can be adopted to meet the place restrictions, budget allowance and the customer preferences.

A few things should be kept in mind before overhauling the bathroom design. The electrical work in a bathroom should be adequately protected against exposure to water and moisture. The water tight switches should be fitted in the bathroom to avoid electrical shock hazards. The bathroom flooring should always be the non slippery type. Everything in the bathroom installed should be easily cleanable. Like sinks, showers, faucets, bath tubs and the wall tiles. Occasional cleaning of the bathroom is required to maintain hygiene. The Bathroom should have proper ventilation. At least an exhaust fan should be installed to maintain the flow of fresh air. Keeping plants in the bathroom is a good idea. It is better to place a plant with flowers in the Bathroom, this provides with fragrance. The greenery of the plants is soothing to the eye and plants provide fresh oxygen.

There are numerous bathroom designs available for small bathrooms. The objective of the design is to make the bathroom appear bigger. Soft light colors create an ambience of larger space.  If wall papers are used in the bathroom, keep the patterns on the wall paper subtle. Keeping a wall free of patterns or making a mural of open space on the largest wall. It gives the bathroom an aura of additional space. The flooring on the bathroom should be kept of lighter shade in accordance to shade on the walls. Installing a single pedestal sink saves lots of space in the bathroom. The fixtures to be used in a small bathroom should be simple designs made on smooth surfaces with light tones. Lighting plays a crucial part to make the room appear bigger. Lighting should be increased in a small bathroom using additional light fixtures or higher wattage lamps. All the unnecessary items, like storage shelves, hampers, etc. should be removed from the bathroom to free up space. Mirrors are the magical elements to increase virtual space of any room. Install a full wall mirror or a substantially big mirror with matching frame style and watch how the reflections make the room appear bigger. The reflection of lights on the mirrors also helps to achieve this objective. There are lots of great bathroom designs available that play with the use of mirrors for better aesthetic and creation of depth in the room.


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