Test Your Color IQ


Color can affect your mood, your job performance – even your love life! Test your knowledge of the “power of color” by taking this true/false quiz. Information comes from the Wagner Institute for Color Research.

Pale blue gives the impression of a cooler temperature.
Orange gives the impression of expensiveness.
If men want to appeal to women, they should wear blue-based reds.
If women want to appeal to men, they should wear yellow-based reds.
Women have a broader acceptance range of color for all situations.
Yellow is a good color to cheer up someone.
Green in an environment tends to make people feel secure.
Black is accepted by all socio-economic groups.
Potential home buyers respond well to blue interiors.
Vivid pink causes excitement and sometimes anger.
White work environments encourage precision.
Men respond positively to aqua and turquoise.
Orange combined with blue gives the impression of greater strength.
Brown is a good color for living or working environments.
Dark reds like burgundy and maroon appeal to moderate income groups.

1. True; 2. False; 3. True; 4. True; 5. True; 6. False; 7. True; 8. True; 9. False; 10. False; 11. True; 12. False; 13. True; 14. True; 15. False.


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