Learn The Ways Of Restoring An Antique Dining Table – Dining Table Ideas And Tips


Trying your hand in restoring an antique dining table? Well, to pull off this massive feat you need the right antique restoration materials and tons of patience to complete the job.

Antique furniture’s always carry a certain subtle elegance that’s pretty hard to replicate. Yes, you do have contemporary furniture’s that come decked with mirror shine finish. However, old antique furniture still stands way above any modern furniture simply based on the fact that old wood provides a unique color and aura that’s next to impossible to replicate. But with age comes the added burden of restoration. Seldom would you find antique furniture’s preserved in an excellent state. Besides, with age they are more prone towards damages. Therefore, in case you are restoring an antique dining table, better be careful with the materials you use and the way you use them. Damaging your antique dinner table now would require considerable amount of finance to do further repairs.

Restoring an antique dining table is no mean feat. It requires loads of patience and immense amount of concentration to pull off. This being said, if you genuinely love your antique table then it wouldn’t be that tough a feat to achieve.

Step 1:

Shift your antique dining table to a suitable area where you can easily work on it. Try opting for an open outdoor space as this will ensure proper ventilation besides, you can now have multiple persons working on the same project. Try adding a disposable plastic beneath the table to defend it from getting damaged.

Step 2:

Use feather duster to remove dust and other environmental debris present within your furniture.

Step 3:

To get rid of the dullness present within the upper wood of your dining table, try rubbing it with old English furniture polish via a hygienic lint-free cloth. However, avoid applying excess polish as this can seriously jeopardize the shine. Now, allow the polish to settle for about 30 to 45 minutes. You will definitely witness a stark change in the color orientation and shine when it’s done.

Step 4:

When restoring an antique dining table, the materials that we use on it play a very crucial role. Try using products that are actually meant for restoration purposes only. Besides, to attain an original finish use materials that match up to your wood color.

Step 5:

To acquire the “original finish”, you need to spray your antique dining table from bottom to top with restoration fluid. To reduce the number of streaks and obtain an even finish, attempt applying the fluid from one side.

Step 6:

Keep the surface untouched for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then use a large but a soft bristle brush to scrub out the surface debris. However, some portions of the table might be a bit tricky to clean with a big brush, us a smaller one here. Whilst you brush, this also marks the beginning of the sanding process.

Step 7:

Right after you finish brushing, start sanding your antique table by hand with 100-grit sandpaper. However, be extremely of not going too hard at it or else you just might end up ruining the new finish. To help matters, try folding the 100-grit sandpaper so that it is small and easy to use.

Step 8:

Finally, to complete restoring your antique dining table, use a clear stain on top of your sanded furniture to protect it from the environment.


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