How To Use Fresh Fruit for a Centerpiece


Here’s How:
Look at your room’s or table’s color scheme and decide what fruits will look best. Citrus run yellow, orange, and green. Apples, grapes, persimmon, pomegranates are reds, purple, and pink.

Select a container that will allow the fruits to show. A clear footed bowl will stand off the table and the fruits will show through the glass. A decorative bowl will allow the fruits to show only at the top. You decide what will be best for your setting.

Measure the height and width of the container. You’ll need to buy enough fruit to fill it generously.

Select the chosen fruit at a grocery store or farmer’s market. Stick to inexpensive basics for filling the container. You might see some unusual fruits that you had not thought of, like star fruit, kiwi, or mangoes. If there is something interesting that will enhance your color scheme, buy one or two for accents.

Find fruit with leaves or cut some greenery from bushes around your home. You’ll use these to fill in the gaps between the fruit. Be sure to rinse and dry the leaves before placing them in the arrangement.

Place a small pad or small folded towel in the bottom of your container to protect delicate fruit. If the container is clear, be sure to camouflage the pad with leaves. If the container is opaque, you can build up the bottom to save on fruit.

Carefully arrange the fruits in the container. Save the best looking pieces for the top where they’ll show the most. If the pieces do not stay in place, secure them to each other with a few toothpicks.

Arrange sprigs of leaves between the fruits at all layers and insert some nice sprigs between the fruits on the top.

Place the finished arrangement in its intended place. This type of arrangement can be easily moved from room to room as needed.

Check the arrangement regularly and replace rotting or withering fruits as needed.
Do not eat the fruit when you disassemble the arrangement. Dispose of the pieces as they age.

Select fruits that coordinate with your room or table linens.
Make an arrangement of all one type of fruit for a color statement or select different varieties of fruit for extra interest and texture.
If you can do it easily, place the arrangement in a refrigerator or other cool place when not on display. This will keep it fresh longer and retard rotting.
Check daily for freshness and replace the fading fruit.
What You Need:
One or many types of very fresh fruit
A small towel or foam pad
Scissors or clippers


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