How To Quick Clean Any Room in the House


Do you dread cleaning day? Make quick work of home cleaning with our quick tips on cleaning any room in the house.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Less than 30 minutes

Here’s How:
Gather everything you’ll need for cleaning into the target room. Include the vacuum and attachments, dust rags, furniture polish and glass cleaner.
Clear the room of clutter. Get rid of anything that doesn’t belong there, including dishes, mail, toys (depending on the room), sports equipment, and old newspapers.
Choose a starting point. Spray a soft dust cloth liberally with furniture polish and dust and polish every wood surface, going around the room from start to finish. If the surfaces are particularly dusty or dirty, you might have to use several cloths. But keep these dusting rags for furniture polish only.
Now, go around the room again with glass cleaner and a clean, dust-free rag. Clean all the hard surfaces–mirrors, picture glass, light bulbs, window sills and blinds, tops of doors and door frames, door moldings, drapery rods, hanging art and collectibles. Spray the glass cleaner carefully. For large objects, spray directly on the object. For smaller pieces, spray the glass cleaner on the rag.

Next, straighten everything that is left in the room. Organize magazines and books, straighten lampshades, and rearrange the collectibles. By now, everything should be clean and in its right place.
Insert the edging wand attachment to the vacuum and clean corners, floor edges around the baseboards, tops of tall bookshelves, and ceiling corners.
Use the vacuum brush attachment to clean upholstered pieces such as chairs, sofas, bed headboards, valances and drapery panels.
You’re almost finished! Clean the floor, using a vacuum if you have carpet or mop if you have hard floors. Start in the corner farthest from the door and work your way out the door.
Take one last look to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Done!

Collect all the cleaning products in a carrying tote which you can carry from room to room.
Don’t try to organize drawers and closets this time. The point is to get things straightened up and clean. Save the bigger tasks for another time.
Have plenty of clean cloths or rags. When they get dirty, use a fresh one.
Do not wash dirty rags with other clothes. The cleaning chemicals can damage clothing or even leave spots.

What You Need:
Dust Rags
Wood Furniture Polish
Glass Cleaner
Vacuum with Attachments
Mop for Hard Flooring


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