How To Add Your Own Personality to a Room


It’s nice to walk into a room and feel you know a little bit about the person who uses it. Find ways to add your own personality to any room in your house.

Difficulty: Average
Time Required: Varies

Here’s How:

Use a special collection of objects or art as a focal point. Collect things that have special meaning to you, such as dolls, airplanes, pens, musical instruments, or hats. Use them as the theme of your room. Choose colors, patterns, and fabrics to highlight the collection.

Select one unique antique or piece of memorabilia. Gather together supporting items, arrange furniture, and focus lighting to create a room that highlights that special piece.

Choose a theme for a room. It could be industrial, floral, bright and bold, or serene. Gather together things that will reinforce the theme and decorate the whole room around that them. Camping, aeronautics, gardens, or a spa are just a few ideas.

If you’ve enjoyed a wonderful trip, gather together your souvenirs to decorate the room. Choose colors that highlight the area of travel and select wall coverings and fabrics to expand on and reinforce the theme.

Choose your favorite colors for the color scheme for your room. Select several shades to use on furniture, walls, and trim.

Create some personal art for your room. Personal art is a true sign that the room reflects the person who inhabits it.
Collect several generations of family photos. Frame them to match or coordinate, selecting mats of complimentary or uniform colors. Arrange them on a main wall to create a “rogues gallery.” If you have enough, surround windows and doors too.


Choose your theme or color scheme before starting.
Gather things together and plan ahead.
Start your planning with the end result in mind.


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