Different Professionals for Designing House Plans


In order to build a house, different people are required. All of them; namely, architects, engineers and builders; are integral to the building process.

Professionals Required For Designing A House Plan

Building houses require a certain amount of labour and it is not possible for anyone and everyone to partake in the building of a house. There are different professionals for building house plans like architects, contractors and engineers. These people lend their expertise in different parts of the house building process. For building your dream house, you need to hire the best professionals for coordinating the job of building your house.

Architect: An architect is the first among the different professionals for designing house plans. An architect is someone who has undergone professional training in the planning and designing of a building. He has achieved the license to practice architecture and oversees the process of building construction. A design concept needs to be created by the architect which caters to the needs of the client and facilitates the required use. He questions the client to know about his priorities and requirements as per which he creates the design.

An architect needs to understand and put to use the ways and means in which a house can be made much more unique than other houses. More often than not, an architect makes a model of the house that needs building in keeping with the taste of his client. A building should be designed not only according to the requirements of a client. It should also cater to building code requirements that are currently available.

Engineers: An engineer is subtly the most important among the different professionals for designing house plans on a more implicit level. In earlier times there would not have been a requirement for engineers when it came to building houses. However, in recent times, building houses without an engineer is almost unimaginable. They work along with the architect to give your plans a concrete form and shape. The exterior components of a house are designed and planned by an engineer. He makes sure that proper slopes have been incorporated for grading the ground; that the vegetation around the house is not thrown off balance by the amount of impervious material; and other such intricacies.

The engineer also ensures that a house is being built according to the norms set down by the local municipality of that area. These norms differ from locality to locality and must be strictly abided by.

Builders: A builder may refer to general contractors or construction workers specializing in building works, or a real estate developer who causes the construction of buildings. Builders collaborate closely with the architects and engineers in order to give shape to the house. After the construction plan is settled upon and after the design has gained approval from all legal and official authorities, the construction process begins. It is here that the general contractor comes into play. He oversees the day to day building process and manages trades and vendors. He is the person who estimates the cost of a project and informs the owner about the estimate price that will be required for building the project.


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