Bob woolmer is dead. Long live his legacy.


Bob Woolmer and Hansie Cronje go hand in hand. Both complemented one another.South-africa reached great height under their supervision and unarguably both were best when hunted in pairs. They gained theirs popularity simultaneously and in death there was a similarity. Both died mysteriously and to an extenet in disgrace.But no doubt i and i am sure that everyone loved both of them on and off the field.

Now coming to the point i heard rather to my disbelief that he was dead and from the news, though it didn’t stated explicitly, died in mysterious circumstances. And like all the famous cases i don’t think it will ever come to light(examples galore: princess Diana,Lal bahadur shastry, king of Nepal etc).and this is what makes it more interesting and different from detective novels that seldom the mystery is solved.

People are every where(read pakistan and Akhtar in particular) praising his way of functioning the way he lived and the way he conducted himself both on and off field.But anyone can imagine that if he would be alive after the ignominous beating in the worldcup his life would be like a hell and sooner than later someone would have attempted to take him to task for the failure. one thing was sure that his coaching assignment would have definitely been terminated and many scapegoats would have been found.

Now here is what i want to tell, was that reaction that would have been greeted to him in pakistan and to the players too was delivered to him a little bit too early (mind you that pakistan was already out and heads were to roll).This could have been the handiwork of the overjealous fan to get out his frustration, but the way secrecy is maintained it is also quite possible that some big hands might have been in the work.

In my opinion someone from the cricket establishment might be involved so as to somewhat douse the fire that the fans would have saved for theirs homecoming.His death has ensured two things that the criticism and some harsh reaction (like attacks on players on previous outings) might get a little mild. moreover woolmer’s death,him being an foreigner, wouldn’t matter to anyone.

Another theory of mine being that the conspiracy may be more deep-rooted.General parvez musharraf is facing flak from all the quarters and is at this point of time most vulnerable. the vulnerability comes from the fact that the lawyer community(intelligentsia) are agaisnt him in the chif-justice removal issue.Reports that the United-States is looking for an alternative of him in case he is assasinated and openly stating that general isn’t indespensable. TV journlist(geo channel or something) attacks has provoked the opinion makers. The attack from religios fanatics are not subdued and the return in form of Benajir bhutto isn’t an ominous sign for the General.

So as seen in the Pakistan political history widely some new incidents are propped up so that they get the support from the world or theirs people within. Taliban india and US support, are all propped time and again to divert the peple or world from the real issues.There are many incidents within Pakistan.

General being at the helm of affairs of Cricket and taking a deep  interest in the cricket and knowing that the people are pasionate about cricket might have seen a chance!!

And that’s my DEVIL ADVOCATE.