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Article: Test Your Feline Felicity

1. The Cat Family, or the family Felidae, includes at least 35 species of cats that are similar in physical characteristics. Which is NOT a member of the Cat Family?
A. Kodkod
B. Margay
C. Ocelot
D. Fox

D. Fox
TBD: Did you know that cats are regarded by many biologists as the most highly developed carnivores?

2. Do you know how many breeds of domestic cat there are?
A. 20
B. 40
C. 60
D. 80

B. 40
TBD: There are about 40 varieties, or breeds, of domestic cats recognized internationally.

3. Cats became objects of worship in Egypt for what reason?
A. The dog was already worshipped by the Assyrians.
B. Egyptians worshipped the sun and recognized the cat's affinity for the sun.
C. Their ability to keep down the rodent population in Eygpt's economically-important grain fields along the Nile.
D. Their grace and beauty.

C. Their ability to keep down the rodent population in Eygpt's economically-important grain fields along the Nile.
TBD: A very practical notion.
4. What is the collective name for a group of cats?
A. Sleuth
B. Murder
C. Gang
D. Clowder

D. Clowder
TBD: The other answers are collective names as well. You have a sleuth of bears, a murder of crows, and a gang of elks.

5. Cats are indigenous to all continents except which two?
A. Antarctica and Australia
B. Eurasia and South America
C. Antarctica and North America
D. Australia and Eurasia

A. Antarctica and Australia
TBD: This was new to us, too!
6. Who or what was Bastet?
A. The first domestic cat.
B. Egyptian cat goddess with the body of a woman and the head of a cat.
C. Egyptian goddess of war who was assisted by a magical cat.
D. The Egyptian pharaoh who declared that cats were sacred.

B. Egyptian cat goddess with the body of a woman and the head of a cat.
TBD: She was the goddess of love and fertility.

7. All cats are digitigrade which means they walk on their toes with the back part of the foot raised. Which cats do NOT have claws that are completely retractile?
A. Geoffrey's Cat
B. Cheetah
C. Jaguar
D. Little spotted cat

B. Cheetah
TBD: Actually the Cheetah is the only cat, including all the other large cats, with this distinction. Who knew?

8. Which is NOT a way that the Egyptians used the cat?
A. Retriever for birds
B. Racing animals
C. Object of worship
D. Hunting animals

B. Racing animals
TBD: It was true that cats were trained to retrieve birds brought down by their masters!

9. These breeds are all lacking something, what is it (respectively)? The Manx, Cymric, and Sphynx.
A. Tail and hair
B. Ears, hair, and tail
C. Claws, tail, and hair
D. Tail

A. Tail and hair
TBD: The Sphynx is a hairless cat while the Manx and Cymric are shorthaired and longhaired cats without tails.

10. Which region CANNOT claim a breed of rex?
A. Selkirk
B. Devonshire
C. Wales
D. Cornwall

C. Wales
TBD: There is a Selkirk Rex from Wyoming's Selkirk Mountains, a Devon Rex from Devonshire, England, and a Cornish Rex from Cornwall, England, but no Welsh Rex.

11. What is the scientific classification of the domestic cat?
A. Felis catus
B. Felis domesticus
C. Acinonyx jubatus
D. Panthera leo

A. Felis catus
TBD: That was too easy! By the way, The QuizQueen made Felis domesticus up, Acinonyx jubatus is the cheetah, and Panthera leo is the lion.

12. Which is NOT a characteristic of the cat?
A. The ability to taste sweet things
B. The ability to hunt in the dark
C. Using its sensitive whiskers to sense changes in the environment
D. Papillae to clean the flesh from the bones of animal prey

A. The ability to taste sweet things
TBD: This was new to us, too!

13. Two pigments form the basis for all coat colors in the modern domestic cat. These two pigments may be combined with each other or with white (the absence of pigment). What are the two pigments?
A. Black and orange
B. Black and white
C. Black and blue
D. Orange and blue

A. Black and orange
TBD: Scientists believe the domestic cat's original coat color was probably greyish-brown with darker tabby stripes, a color that provides excellent camouflage in a variety of environments. All other coat colors are the result of genetic mutations.

14. How many vocal sounds does a cat have?
A. 10
B. 50
C. 100
D. 150

C. 100
TBD: Most dogs have only about 10.

15. When a famous cartoon Cat and Mouse made their debut in 1939, what was the Cat's name?
A. Tom
B. Jerry
C. Jasper
D. Morris

C. Jasper
TBD: In later cartoons, they would become Tom and Jerry, but in Puss Gets the Boot, the feline co-star was named Jasper.

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