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So, you’ve decided to start your own Internet Business. Haven’t you?

Here’s the first rule you must follow to succeed in your business online or off:

 Don’t cheat anyone out of their hard earned money. When you run an honest business you stand a much better chance at success.


You must describe your product clearly, without making any false claims, or omitting any important facts that the average person would need to know.


Any testimonials given must be genuine and authorized by the person who gave them. You should be prepared to show proof of any testimonials and they should be of an honest nature.


When giving a guarantee, it must give details of how it is carried out. Example: “If you are not completely satisfied with the product, return it reasonable good condition within thirty days for a full refund.” This clearly states the length of the guarantee and the conditions.


Startup Materials
Here is a list of a few important things, you need in your home-based business startup:


Research Material

Read books, instructional literature, magazines and anything else related to your area of interest to keep yourself informed and updated.


Basic Office Supplies

Just start with the very basics. Pens, pencils, paper, business size envelopes, and a good notebook should get you started.


Business Account

You should open a business account in a bank sooner or later to keep all of your business transactions separate from your personal finances. It is important to have your business name on your checks to represent a professional image. You should open this account once you have chosen a name and registered your new business domain name.


Office Equipment

Other than the computer which you already have, most people can probably get by without purchasing any office equipment at all. The point is, don’t go out and buy anything until you absolutely need it.


If you don’t already have a printer connected to your PC, you should think about getting on. You’ll eventually need to print something. Although you don’t need to have one right away.



Here are the basics you’ll need…

¨     A good word processing or desktop publishing program. Microsoft Word or whatever you like.

¨     A web design program. Microsoft FrontPage or Macromedia Dreamweaver.

¨     A good email program. Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Express.

¨     Another very helpful program to have is a mail list or address list program. This helps you grow a customer list as well as track product ship dates, amounts paid, Email address and other relevant information. Microsoft Access is very good for this, but you can use any other you prefer.

¨     One more item that you will need eventually is a web hosting company to host your web site. Pricing varies widely here, and my next articles will cover hosting in details.


I know, what are you thinking? “What will I sell online?” Right?

What can you sell online?

The big question is “What should you be marketing, or selling on the Internet?” That’s right; you need something to market if you are going to make any money.

I've come across lots of people who want their own high-income business on the web but do not want to get involved with selling. What do I tell these folks? Simple. I tell them other alternative i.e. JOB.

The simple fact is, when you go into business for yourself, and you want to make serious money, you have to be able to market yourself or your products or services.

The Internet lets you be a sales "genius" without hard efforts. Online, the actual act of selling is as simple as setting up a few automated tools and letting them do the work!

When you sell something, you are not taking a person’s money. Customers are making the conscious decision that what you have to offer is worth a trade for a certain amount of their cash. This is exactly how and why businesses work.

So now that you know you have to sell something to start moving toward a high income, let's get right to the other part of this question...

What do you sell?

Too many online marketers tell you that you should be reselling their products! That's not true. The very best way to make money, either online or off, is to market your own products or services. Not only this give you complete control, it enables you to maximize your profits by keeping most of the money from every sale.

Now perhaps you already have a product or service in mind for your business. If you do, great! You're a step ahead, but if you have no idea what you could sell to make money online, here are just a few ideas…

I’ve learned that the number one seller in the world has always been, and always will be – information, specialized information. I made a decision that I would start my business on this basis. I set out to come up with the best information about Internet marketing I could offer at a price far below what others were selling it for. This has always been my business strategy and it will remain the same until it stops working.

And I've got news for you... creating your own information products is not hard at all. Everyone knows something about a particular subject. Whether it is "gardening" or "computer hardware" you can easily create your own information products. Simply take your area of expertise and start writing down everything you know about it.

Think back to everything you have learned over the years about it. This is the type of information others want and need. They will pay good money to save their valuable time and get the facts that you already know. Once you have your facts together, putting them into a marketable format is much easier than you think. The Internet offers tons of cheap software for book printing, eBook creation and more. Just pick a program and run with it.

If you have expertise in any field, of course, you have good command on whatever you do. Suppose, you have a degree/diploma (and some experience) in Web Engineering, you know how to develop a web site and its programming, you can offer web development services to business owners who require your services. If you have some experience or some existing clients, it will be your PLUS point. Think... what can you do? what services you can provide? Offer these services online. You can introduce yourself as a web developer, software developer, hardware specialists, network engineer, estate agent, teacher, instructor, doctor, lawyer, sales promoter, accountant, engineer etc.

Busy businesspeople need guys who can work for them. Think... what you know? what you can do perfectly? Work as a freelancer. Promote yourself, utilize your existing qualification, abilities, professional skills and experience and convert them into a business, online business and you will start making attractive earnings.

Now let me get back to that side note... I can already hear lots of you thinking...

I don't want to create a product or sell information.
Can't I make money reselling products and services
that other companies have already produced?"

The answer is yes. The Internet is generating all types of new products and services every day, and you can make money selling them, but you must be extremely selective. You can make serious money only when selling products and services that fit a certain criteria.

What are the criteria? Well, if the product or service fits the following categories, it should be considered:

1. It must have a large demand.

That is, you must be able to identify a large group of people who would be interested in it.

2. You must be able to earn a minimum of 25% of the profits on anything you sell.

There are far too many companies paying 5% or 10% commissions or less. The hard fact is, you just cannot sell enough of something at those commission rates to earn a substantial income.

3. You must be able to become a reseller without spending a large amount of cash.

I know many web sites that charges hundreds of dollars for the privilege of reselling their products or services. Many people who spend their money there, most of them never earn even their initial investment back. If you see a business opportunity that will require a large outlay of money, or the need for you to make many sales to earn back your initial investment, leave it.

But when done correctly, reselling can be extremely profitable...

Some of the products I resell are software and domain registration services. People simply download the program or register a domain name. They order using their credit card. Product delivery is as simple as emailing their registration information code to them and that’s it. I earn good money every time. You won’t find anything that easy in the real world. No inventory, no shipping, no risk. And that's just one example. Reselling also generates monthly checks whether you work or not.

And I want to make one more thing clear here. It does not have to be information, software or services you resell. It can be anything along the lines of your interests. A friend of mine even built a residual income as a reseller of personal ad sites on the web. No matter what your interest, there is serious money to be made in promoting existing products and services online - if you know what you're doing.

Remember, although the best way to make lots of money online is to come up with at least one product or service that you own.

“Online Sales” It’s a little different than real-world selling…

Here’s just a small portion of this advice, which can help anyone trying to make sales online. If you keep these in mind as you are creating your sales literature, whether it will be email or web page copy, you will make more sales.


  1. You must always attract a prospect’s interest with an innovative and interesting title or first sentence, while avoiding the temptation of using copy like this: “Become a millionaire in 14 days.” Overly sensational headlines are a big turn off, especially online, where the prospect is a little more intelligent and sophisticated. Instead, get their attention with headlines like one I use. It reads: “Thousands of businesses closed their websites last year. Here’s why they failed…”
  2. Always focus your copy on solving your reader’s problem or making something easier for them. This is the key to successful selling. If your product or service cannot enrich the life of your prospect in some way, they will not buy it. Make it crystal clear to them how you plan to do this and what they have to do to take you up on your offer.
  3. The best way to sell in cyberspace is to first educate your consumer with free assistance and then gently guide them to your offerings. And when they get there, give them a reason to buy that very moment. You can do that with a special bonus or other added incentive. Remember, once they are gone they may not be back. Make your offer so appealing they can’t refuse it!




When placed on the internet, your sales literature will usually take on one of two formats.


These consist of:

  1. Web Pages
  2. Email Messages


In order for both of these to do their job successfully, you must get people to read them. Although there is a lot involved in selling online, if you start by following rule number one you will be ahead of the game.


What is the rule one?


Always Give Away Something for Free!


Unless people have a motivation to click to your sales message, most of your prospects will not read what you have to say.


Here’s a perfect example of this in action:


Were you enticed by the offer of this free subscription to ApnaKarobar? Did it make you want to investigate a little further? Hey, you subscribed it and you’ve got this email, haven’t you? It must have been somewhat effective. The reason I offer it for free is to spread the word about my business.


In addition to teaching you how to succeed in your own online business, offering this free subscription gives me an opportunity to show off my expertise and possibly gain a few more potential prospects and customers.


Now, of course you can’t go around giving everything away for free, but you can make your readers stand up and take notice. That’s step one. Simply using the word Free is your sales literature can do wonders. Of course you have to back that up and actually give away something of value.


Whether it is a free subscription to your email newsletter, a free software program or even this very e-book, if you can give it away for free people will remember you.


Now that you know how to get the attention of your prospects, let’s move into some methods of reaching them in droves…




What online marketing methods really work? Bulk email? Banner adverting? Email advertising? Discussion group participation? Search Engine Submission?


The list of possible solutions goes on and on. And , I’ve tried them all, believe me. Although I don’t have room in this email to go into details on everything I’ve tried, I will reveal one method that works head and shoulders above anything else. What is this powerful income generator?


Your own “email newsletter” or “ezine”.


An email newsletter or ezine is simply a regular email message that you send to anyone who asks for it. It delivers free, helpful information to your customers and your best prospects. The “information” can take on the form of industry news, web resources, discount specials or anything your heart desires.


This is definitely one of the best proven online marketing method I have used since 1999. And best of all, it’s virtually free to publish one!


Why would you want to? That’s simple. Here are just a few reasons…


  1. Your customers and prospects won’t have to find you or your web site. They’ll constantly be “in touch” and in tune with your business. You can keep them side by side of new products and services as they become available. Whether it’s a new product you are introducing or a service you are adding to your existing web site, your newsletter is the perfect place to announce it.
  2. Publishing a newsletter is the cheapest form of promotion you’ll ever find. Unlike traditional newsletters, there are no printing or postage costs so you can publish as often as you like. Try sending out a catalog by postage every week without going broke!
  3. Since the cost of publishing an email newsletter is near zero, you can offer free subscriptions. This insures a steady flow of new prospects for your products and services.
  4. Educating potential customers and prospects is an excellent way to market your wares. What better way to educate them than through your free electronic newsletter? You’ll be proving your expertise in your field and establishing credibility with every issue.




During the first year of my Internet business, I made one big mistake. I waited almost for six month to start building my web site.


My email marketing campaign was effective, but not nearly as effective as when I combined it with a professional website. Why? Here’s the main reason…


Many people will delete an email message if it does not contain a URL where they can “anonymously” investigate your offer. With all the unsolicited email on the net, folks don’t like to risk being added to yet another list without their approval. That’s what they’re doing when they email someone they don’t know.


However, if they are invited to a URL and are presented with a professional web site, they are likely to stick around. You just earned a prospect.


It’s really quite simple… you NEED you own website!


So how do you set up a professional web presence? Simple…


Here’s a checklist of tasks you’ll need to complete:


Register your own domain (A Must)

This will give your business an internet established presence. Too many marketers skip this crucial step. The Rs 900/- yearly fee is a small price to pay for professionalism. If you’re serious about your business, don’t skip this step.


Don’t use unusual words, phrases or ellipsis in domain name. Choose an easy-to-remember name that also describers your products, services or expertise.


Get your own domain and paid web hosting services. Free domain and free hosting (with a lot of banners or popup windows) doesn’t leave good impression on your web site visitors about your business and professionalism.


Build the site

If you do not have the webmastering know-how, try to learn it. If you prefer to outsource your design work, be sure to hire a professional designer. Tell them you want to see examples of their work including unique logos, working scripts and more. You want a site that you will be proud to direct people to. Also, be sure to pack your website with helpful information so people will stick around!


Host it

Be careful here. I’ll discuss it later.


Planning Tips for your Website

Once you enter the planning stages of your website, you will need to include some proven components.


Key Component # 1

Be sure your main page contains a clear objective and an invitation. Let me explain this…

When someone comes to your site is it obvious how the site can help them? After all, they probably came looking for help. I have visited many sites that look great, but fail at this key component. If I find myself trying to guess what is in the home page should clearly define why it is there and invite visitors in for more.


Key Component #2

A signup form for free, email newsletter or product/service updates. An email newsletter is a cost effective way to stay in touch with your prospects. It is also the single most effective way to hang onto your visitors. Getting traffic is tough, don’t let visitors get away without offering to stay in touch! A simple fill-out form will allow you to add their email address to your private in-house list.


A key tip here… Don’t ask a lot of questions in your subscription form. They may be interested in your newsletter but may shy away if they have to reveal too much information about themselves. A lead is a lead. Ask for their first name and email address only. If you scare them away, they may never be back.


Key Component #3

Secure credit card ordering. This is a MUST at every site that is designed to make money. I won’t go into the pro’s and con’s of commerce enabling a web site. The fact is, there are only Pro’s. Quite simply, you are missing the boat if you think you can get away without this.


E-Commerce enabling a website is as simple as getting a merchant account and hooking up a secure server. Sites without these components are being left in the dust.




Mistake #1: Using someone else’s domain name.


Does the first impression your site makes look like this… or is it more professional and established like this


Think about it for a second. Why are so many companies offering free web sites to anyone who wants them?


Answer: To get traffic to their sites!


Smart companies realize that giving away freebies is a great way to attract visitors. So go ahead and take them up on it. Build as many free sites as you want! But link them all to YOUR site. A site with YOUR OWN domain name.


If your company won’t spring for its own domain name at Rs 900/- a year, your potential customers will definitely think twice before they buy from you. Plain and simple. Even if just one or two are scared away, you’ve lost more than the yearly domain cost already!


Mistake #2: A large, slow loading home page.


A fellow marketer recently wrote to me asking why his site was not generating income. I visited the site and it was beautiful. Probably the best site I’d seen in a year. So why was it a dud?


It took 3 full minutes to load! Very few people will wait that long. Perhaps the small percentage of users surfing the web on a T1 or faster connection will view this site, but you can’t gear a site toward so few users. A good site loads fast for all surfers.


Check your site load time at today. If it loads in 20 seconds on a 28.8 modem, you’re fine. If not, cut down the graphics and try again!


A slow loading home page can also be a result of a page that contains too much information. Visitors should not have to scroll down endlessly to view your home page. If your main page contains too much information, simply break the information up into several pages.


Mistake #3: Failing to promote!


This one is a classic. For too many business owners pop a site up on the web and cross their fingers. In order to grow traffic, you need to promote it. How?...


Well if you have an advertising budget, spend money. this is the easiest way to promote a site. Buy banner ads on busy sites, sponsor email publications and reorder every avenue that is effective.


If you do not have much of an advertising budget, fear not. You can generate traffic for free. I’ve being doing it for years. My favorite methods are article submissions, ezine advertising, search engine positioning, and my associate program just to name a few. If you’d like to learn how to emulate these methods, just spend a little time tat the related web articles. Nothing is held back in the articles. Anyone doing business online will find some real, useful information.


In closing…


Remember, your web site is the first thing your online prospects see. It is the very heart and sole of your online marketing campaign. Make a lasting impression!


It’s all up to you to Get Started…


You now have everything you need to get your internet business started and shifted into high gear immediately.


So what are you waiting for? Are you worried you won’t succeed? Why not look at it like this. If you try to succeed in your own business and fail, the most you will lose is a little money. (and not much with the low start-up costs on the net!)


Thanks to the internet, you no longer have to risk your life savings when starting a business. The knowledge alone, that you will gain from simply attempting you own business will outweigh any financial loss by far.


That’s not to say it will be simple. Success can sometimes be a difficult thing to sneak up on. Determination is a major asset for anyone starting their own business. After all, failure, as well as success, is a part of life. As the old saying goes, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. This saying wouldn’t be so popular if everyone succeeded the very first time they attempted anything.


You cannot fail… unless you quit!


If you succeed, and more than 75% of all new entrepreneurs do, you will no longer have to rely on others for your income.


You’ll be able to work the hours YOU want to work, right in your own home.


So what are you waiting for?

You can do it!

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